Today 18/11/20 the U.K. Prime Minister announces  a £12 billion plan to boost the Green Industries, tackle climate change , now at the heart of things , and make the City of London a Global Centre of Green Finance in the World.

The U.K. Government will always be under pressure from environmental ggroups to do more. When you listen to some of the environmental spokesperson it sounds so easy.

Forward planning takes time and implimentation more time but it is good to see how far we have come in the last five years.

Their is talk that gilts may cost more for the investor than ordinary bonds.

We have Government advisors and  highly intelligent financiers that can make things work. And make things work they should.

It is easy to find problems to delay things but once found sort out the problem.

With the issue of Green Gilts they will probably only be invested in wind energy and the smaller nuclear plants that have been designed and already in the implimentation stage.

Bank of England

The Government have now asked banks to submit approaches  if they would like to advise on any issues of Green Gilts . The banks have to submit the applications by 16th December 2020 .

DMO Office announce HSBC and JP Morgan have been appointed structuring advisers for the forthcoming Gilts offering.

U.K.Government issued  securities ( Green Bonds )


Green Gilts will be successful in filling that gap for financing the Green Projects we need today.